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1stVaction.com has been retained to assist the owners of various quality worldwide hotels / tour companies to allow people to obtain discounted vacation hotel rooms / tours. This is NOT a time share and you are NOT required to attend any time share, vacation share programs. This is simply a discount program offered directly to the public.

To obtain the discounts listed on this site, you need to buy a 1stVacation.com Discount Voucher, the cost is only $49.95. The 1stVacation.com Discount Voucher allows you to buy "ANY" vacation / tour listed on this web site once, discounts range up to 69% off regular prices. You must redeem the 1stVacation.com Discount Voucher within one year of date of purchase. (Click here for full details and purchase). The cost of the 1stVacation Discount Voucher and the hotels / tour companies package is less money than you can buy these from other sites. This allows you to buy the 1stVacation Discount Vouchers today and pay the balance up to one year later.

1stVacation.com Discount Vouchers are ideal to be used as gifts, rewards, contest prizes, fund raisers, personal use and a myriad of other uses. You can buy the Vouchers and the 1stVacation.com Discount Vouchers at the same time or buy the Vouchers now and anytime within a year come back and select the hotel /tour package you desire.

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Vacations at huge discounts. Save money, buy 1stVacation

Feeling adventurous? Worldwide destinations waiting for you to enjoy them, all with a massive discount . . . breath taking vacations, tours and adventures from around the world.


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Services and Products offered from around the world to enhance your travel experience. Each product and service offered is at a huge discount and can be purchased separately.


Vacations at huge discounts. Save money, buy 1stVacation

Each week we are proud to showcase a vacation, destination, tour, adventure, service or product that will surely get your attention and make you the envy of your friends.


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With more than 14 years online experience, 1stVacation has extensive partnerships with global tourism and hospitality brands. Our low cost, high valued travel packages range from boutique style resorts to branded city hotels, from trekking in the foothills of the Himalayas to exploring the culinary delights of Italy. Our broad range of travel packages, products and services are designed to offer you an unforgettable vacation at a great price... Buy one 1stVaction.com Discount Vouchers and you can select ANY discount package on this web site once.

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